Styling Your Home with Luxury Candles

As we're feeling festive around this time of year, and we spend our evening indoors gathered around family, we can't help but want to light up a warm and inviting candle to create a quaint mood. Candles are a chic and charming accessory, they provide aromatic elements to warm up and fill your home with a fresh fragrance that you, your household and your guests will love. Typically, candles are used to provide a serene atmosphere within your environment and instantly creates a relaxing and welcoming ambiance by dispersing a crisp aroma. While candles are notably chosen and used for this aromatic value, they can additionally be a lovely styling feature within your home. 

Luxury candles, unlike general scented candles, are a great way to add style, versatility and a beautiful scent into your home. With their high-quality features and ingredients, luxury candles are a staple piece and great addition to any room. You, your household and your guests will admire the beautifully constructed elegance of your luxury candles. 

Our customer favorite Crystal Candles, available in three sizes, are a great choice if you are looking for a versatile, yet luxurious candle to add to your home decor. With a neutral color, sophisticated scent of white tea ginger root, and crystalized look, this candle will be a lovely piece to add into your space. 

Crystal Candle Petite

You can't go wrong with the most universal gift of all time: A mini version for your nightstand, bridesmaids gift, shelf styling and overall perfect little addition to any household.

Crystal Candle

The Original Crystal Candle is a time-tested favorite. It's enough to evoke for serene, soothing air with its modern and sleek design! The perfect combination in any space from living or dining rooms alike--you won't be disappointed by this classic piece of artwork that will bring elegance into your world.

Crystal Candle Grande

Introducing the ultimate statement piece for any room, our largest size of Crystal Candle! This grandiose and magnificent creation will elevate your space to new heights with its beautiful design and unique scent.

If you are looking to learn how to style your home with luxury candles, see below for our tips and styling ideas! 

What Is A Luxury Candle? 

Knowing which candles are luxury is key in deciding on which to choose for your home. While you may see a difference in the price point from luxury candles to general scented candles, there are a few features that really make luxury candles unique and stand out. What separates a luxury candle from other candles is the elevated quality and design of the candle, hence the term luxury. Unlike general candles which are normally made from paraffin wax, luxury candles are crafted from high-quality wax, typically soy, coconut or beeswax. This allows the candle to have a more extensive burn rate and be longer-lasting. 

In addition to their luxe wax, luxury candles are made with naturally derived fragrance oils, and refrain from using any harsh synthetic fragrances. This will allow you to enjoy your candle without breathing in any harsh chemicals. Utilizing non-synthetic essential oils also provide a stronger, more natural fragrance to be produced, even before the candle is lit. 

Finally, the aesthetic of the candle plays a key role in separating the luxe from the regular. Luxury candles have detailed and beautifully constructed packaging, from the glassware or holder it comes in down to the packaging. Many luxury candles will also have brand embellishments on them and have a unique, one-of-a-kind look. These key qualities are a few reasons why investing in a luxury candle is well worth it, as you’ll truly get a bang for your buck. 

Our Crystal Candle, with its effortless elegance, is an ideal choice for a luxury candle. The outer casing of the candle is made from crystalized wax that gives it a unique and beautiful glow. Not only is it eye-catching, it contains a clean-burning coconut soy wax made from food-grade coconut oil and has an all-natural white tea ginger root fragrance that fills the air, even before you light it. Use them throughout the day or to set the mood at night, either way, trust us when we say the Crystal Candle is an all-around amazing candle! 

The Science of Scent

One of the main reasons why luxury candles are worth buying is their superior scent. Luxury candles are made with high-quality fragrance oils that are carefully blended to create a unique and complex aroma. These oils are sourced from the finest suppliers around the world and are often made with natural ingredients such as essential oils, botanical extracts, and spices. The result is a candle that not only smells good, but also has therapeutic benefits for the mind and body.

The Art of Candle Making

Luxury candles are also made with care and precision. The wax used in these candles is of the highest quality and is specially formulated to burn cleanly and evenly. The wicks are made of natural cotton and are carefully chosen to ensure that the candle burns safely and efficiently. The jars are often hand-crafted and designed to complement the scent and theme of the candle.

The Experience

A luxury candle is not just a candle, it's an experience. The right candle can transport you to a different place and time, evoking memories and emotions. Luxury candles are designed to be used in a specific setting and can be paired with other products such as diffusers, room sprays, and potpourri to create a cohesive scent experience.

Discover The Candles That Best Suit Your Home Decor 

Aside from choosing a candle based on an aroma you love, finding a candle that works with your interior style is a great way to help you decide what is going to look best in your home. Choosing a candle for the room or spaces you are looking to decorate is a superb way to start. For example, the candles you may want for your living room will be different from the candles you want for your dining room.

You may also want to choose a candle that coordinates with your home decor. This can be matching the candle with the color palette of the area your are planning to decorate or correlating with the aesthetic and style of your space.

You can also choose a candle based on your needs. If you are mostly looking for a candle that creates a scent-filled environment, you may want to choose a candle that has a stronger fragrance. However, if you are looking for candles to use as styling pieces, you'll want to focus more on the aesthetic.

With its neutral features and refreshing scent, the Crystal Candle is an ideal choice that can meet every styling and functional need. It carries a wonderful and relaxing fragrance that instantly fills the air, as well as a color that can match nearly every decor and home style, and can work wonderfully in any room. 

Strategize Where To Place Your Candles

Once you have chosen the best luxury candles for your home, you will want to strategize where to place them. It can be helpful to research styling ideas if you need guidance on where to begin or to spark your inspiration. Additionally, knowing the purpose of your candle can also be a great head start. If you chose a candle for its fragrance, you can place it in an area that is often frequented, such as the living room or a bedroom, in a major focal point. If you are looking to create a styling moment in your home, you can locate an area, such as a coffee table, side table or mantle, that could use a touch of depth, light and design. Decorating with candles should always be enjoyable, so try not to overthink this process. After-all, candles offer a magical touch that will enhance any decor. 

The Crystal Candle is an ideal fit for any location within the home. It can be used on a coffee table in the living room, a shelf, in the dining room, or on a console table–the options are endless. The versatility of the Crystal Candle allows it to be an ideal luxury candle that elevates any space it is added to. 

Use Accessories To Add Height And Dimension 

Using accessories, like candleholders, coffee books or small table pedestals, will help to add height and dimension to your home decor. Placing your candles atop a stack of coffee books is a simple, yet visually pleasing way to fill up and decorate any coffee table, console table or side table. If you are decorating a dining room table, utilizing pieces like candleholders or small candle pedestals are an excellent way to create both depth and elegance to your tablescape. 

Our Crystal Candle looks exceptional atop any pillar or pedestal as its multi-wick feature offers a distinctive amount of light and ambiance! 

Get Creative 

If you feel as though you are having a difficult time deciding where to place your candles, get creative and keep trying different locations within your home. Choosing a variety of candles is a great option, as you can play around with placing them. Trying different arrangements and looks will help you determine the best placement. Keep in mind that you can also change their location as often as you want. 

This is why the Crystal Candle is a wonderful luxury piece! What’s great about the Crystal Candle is that it comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large. You can place them altogether or use them in a variety of locations within the home. The large size can be wonderful as a statement centerpiece, while the small size can be wonderful on top of a coffee table or mantle. 

Ways To Style Our Crystal Candle

If you have chosen to add our Crystal Candle into your home, here are a few ways to style them! 

  1. The Crystal Candle can be styled as a solo piece, especially in the center of a table, as it has a luxe appearance that can fill up any space.It is truly a decor-focused candle with a beautiful and fresh smell! 
  2. Add the Crystal Candle over a stack of decorative coffee table books for a dimensional balance. A simple, yet effective way to fill up your table space with stylish pieces! 
  3. Since the Crystal Candle is available in three sizes, this candle can be easily styled in nearly any room of your home and looks great on any coffee table, entryway table, shelf, or dining room table. Each size can be used in different ways! 
  4. Because the Crystal Candle is eco-friendly and clean-burning, you can place it within your kitchen or bathroom to really brighten and warm up the space! 

Candle Safety Tips

While candles bring light, warmth and style into the home, there are a few safety guidelines to keep in mind when placing them into your home. Avoid placing candles within reach of any flammable materials. Do not let your candles burn too low as this will cause the candle to create a large flame, and if stored in a glass container, can potentially crack or break. Keep your candles out of reach for pets or children, as it can be harmful to their safety and your home. Always make sure to blow out your candles before leaving your home or going to bed. 

As previously mentioned, our Crystal Candle is made from clean-burning wax, making it safe for your entire household and any guests you welcome into your home! 

Thanks for following along! 

We hope this helps you choose and style your luxury candles within your home! Keep in mind that luxury candles are worth the investment, as they are made with higher quality materials and ingredients to amplify their look and smell, and offer a beautiful and elegant touch anywhere they are placed. 

Don’t forget to check out and shop our best-selling Crystal Candle on our website, available in three sizes, and find out why our customers love them so much! 

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