The Elevated Gift Guide for Your Loved Ones

The season for gift giving is finally here! The time where we show our loved ones that extra appreciation through the act of giving a thoughtful gift we know they will cherish.

With the holidays quickly upon the horizon, shopping for a great gift can be a daunting task, as we always want to assure we find a gift we know our loved one will admire and enjoy. This is why we’re here to help simplify your search for the perfect present with several gift ideas to add to your shopping list, suitable for your parents, best friend or that special someone!

At Bellari Home, we have the best gifts for anyone in your life, from art and decor lovers to the perfect hosts. With our curated gift guide of elevated gift ideas, we aim to help you find those unique gifts you are looking for that will make your celebration as special as your loved ones.


We all may have someone in our life who loves to host a group dinner, family gathering or cocktail hour with friends in the comfort of their own home. These are the individuals who love to wine and dine their visitors with not only a wonderful variety of tasty recipes and exquisite cocktails, but with a luxurious set of kitchen and bar appliances, in addition to creating a serene atmosphere the moment their company arrives. They are looking to offer an experience that one would not forget. If you find your gift recipient to be passionate about entertaining and hosting, you have come to the right place.

Find our curated list below of gifts for the perfect host:

Bel-Air Diffuser + White Tea Diffuser Oil

Anyone who loves to be asked “What’s that amazing scent?” as soon as visitors walk into their home they will fall in love with the Bel-Air Diffuser. This diffuser, paired perfectly with our signature scent of White Tea, uses a nano mist technology to evenly disperse a refreshing aroma throughout the home. Not only will their home smell amazing, but our diffuser is safe for furniture, pets, and children.

Roma Martini Glasses Set of 4 

These mouth blown martini glasses will have you feeling luxurious with their textured glass and 24K gold rim. With unique angular features, the Roma Martini Glasses are unlike any glassware you have seen. Gift these one-of-a-kind glasses to make your loved one feel like a tasteful host.

Oro Nero 24-Piece Silverware Set 

Perfect for any gathering or for everyday use, the Oro Nero Silverware Set will add the perfect touch of elegance to any table. Their stunning hues, stainless steel shine and smooth lines make them the ideal present for anyone who loves to serve their guests with luxury.

Fel Fringe Linen Napkins Set of 4 

With a neutral color and fringe detailing, these linen napkins are the perfect way to elevate the dining or kitchen table. A great addition to any dining set to use for special occasions or casual dinners!


Candles serve as an amazing present for just about anyone. Our line of candles and candleholders will have your candle-loving friend or family member in awe of the beautiful silhouettes and fresh aroma we have to offer. Share the gift of uniquely designed candles and candleholders – they will not disappoint! 

See below for our best gifts for candle-lovers:

Descanso Marble Taper Holder Set

Not only is this pair of candle holders a top seller, they make for an amazing gift for the candle-lovers who want to add a touch of warmth and aesthetic to their decor. Made with luxurious marble, these holders have a subtle natural finish that will complement any modern or contemporary home.

Louvre Taper Holder

With an exquisitely unique design, this taper candle holder will add an artistic touch to any table or shelf, and hold any taper candle set at an asymmetrical angle for a dimensional look. The perfect accent to any home! 

The Crystal Candle

Our Crystal Candles, available in 3 sizes, make for the best gift for those who admire the appearance of their candles, just as much as the aroma. With our signature scent of White Tea, the Crystal Candle is a clean-burning candle with wax made from coconut oil and contains an outer layered bowl made from crystalized wax. A truly unique and decorative candle! 

 Timber Taper Candles Set of 2

Add light and ambiance to any room with a set of taper candles! Our timber taper candles come in sets of two in four unique shades: Ebony, Buttercream, Portobello and Snow White, and are a great add-on if you are looking to gift a taper candle holder!

 Snuffer and Trimmer Set 

What better way to gift a candle-lover than with a brushed gold snuffer and trimmer set, to take the best care of the candles they love in a stylish way!


Looking to gift the art-lover in your life? We have the best gifts that are the perfect combination of art and decor. With their prominent detail and human-like features, our sculptures are astonishing works of art and additions to any home decor. They pair greatly with our artistic canvas prints, the best way to bring art and design into the home. Our pieces are derived through skilled craftsmanship, so you’ll absolutely find that ideal gift your art-lover will admire!

See below our list of best gifts for the art-lover:

Athena White Marble Bust

If you’re looking to give your loved one a unique piece unlike any others, look no further! Carved from a single piece of solid block marble, the Athena White Marble Bust is an artful addition to any area and each sculpture will be a one-of-a-kind due to the organic nature of the material used.

Bust of Apollo Sculpture

At nearly 3-feet high and cast in designer polyresin, this sculpture is an astonishing replica of the statue of Apollo. What better way to gift an art-lover than with this tribute to a well-known work of art.


Goddess Sculpture

This sculpture serves as a piece of fine art! Made from a hand-poured concrete casting and carved by hand, the Goddess Sculpture is a way to add texture and warm up the home. 

Romano Torso Sculpture

Available in both Stone or Aged Black, the Romano Torso Sculpture, made from polyresin, is a true conversation starter! With a cracked, detailed design and human-like resemblance, this sculpture is a breathtaking work of art.


Canvas Prints

Through our extensive variety of canvas prints, you’ll be sure to find the perfect piece for your art-lover! Available in an assortment of sizes and designs, our pieces can be purchased framed or unframed.


If you’re looking to gift your decor-loving friend or family you have come to the right place! With our many pieces of home decor to choose from, we have narrowed down a few of our must-haves, from decorative books to accent pieces. Your decor-lover will appreciate the astonishing array we have to offer to make their home effortlessly stylish and luxurious.

Find the list below of our gift ideas for the decor-lover:

Decorative Books

Our decorative coffee table books add a luxurious touch of dimension and aesthetic to any table. A simple way to add charm and literature to your decor!

White Marble Chain

This thick, luxurious chain is made up of white marble links and is perfect for adding interest to any table. Add it on top of decorative books or into a bowl for that extra bit of style! 

Stone Links 

Styled on its own or atop stacked decorative books, these stone links, in rustic beige, add warmth and texture wherever they are placed!

Loretta Vases

Available in Medium and Large, the Loretta Vases can be paired together or on their own to create an eye-catching moment in any space! Each vase is created by a skilled artisan, meaning no two will be exactly the same.

Il Giro Stacking Vase

Made in Portugal and with a stone-like glazed finish, the Il Giro Stacking Vase produces beauty and versatility to any home! Display the three pieces stacked or deconstructed for a fun unexpected look. Truly a decor must-have!

Venezia Vase 

Stunningly unique, this vessel is handcrafted using traditional papier-maché techniques and finished with a grey wash, creating a stone-like feel. The abstract structure of the Venezia Vase will create an artistic element to any table or shelf and is a perfect gift for any decor-lover.

Bitossi Vase 

Primitive yet modern in design, the Bitossi Vase is crafted from unfinished black terracotta and decorated with dimensional scalloped detail for a touch of textured and charming character. Feature this vase as a sculptural piece or fill it with your favorite dried or fresh plants.

Share the love this festive season and make this holiday special by finding a perfect and thoughtful gift for your friends, family or that special person in your life! Regardless of what you choose, we know our refined and beautiful pieces will bring warmth and happiness into the home, and a smile on your loved one's face.

Whether you are looking for holiday gifts or gifts for a special occasion, we hope our curated guide of best gift ideas has helped you find the right gift for your loved one and helped ease the stress of holiday shopping. Thanks for following along and we hope you have a wonderful, fun and cozy holiday season with friends and family, filled with irreplaceable memories!

Check out our website to shop more of our extensive line of decor pieces to add that special touch to your home this season, or for all-year round!

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