The Top Home Decor Trends of 2023

Another year has quickly passed us by. Another year of love and light, and most importantly, growth and change.

As 2022 closely comes to an end, we wanted to take the time to thank all of our amazing customers and community for supporting us throughout this entire year. We have grown so much as a team and a brand, and could not have done it without you and your support!

While we reflect on all of the exciting things that have happened, and will be coming soon in the upcoming year, we wanted to deep dive into the home decor styles and concepts that will be trending in 2023 to prepare you for what to expect out of the future interior design trends. As you know, we love to stay up-to-date with home decor trends so we can curate and bring to you the best stylish pieces to fill your home with.

So whether you're new homeowners looking for some style inspiration, looking to update your home within the coming year, or even need help getting inspired, here's what to expect for next year's home decor trends!


Although neutrals have been a reoccurring trend over the last few years, this style is absolutely here to stay! Neutral colors can easily be implemented into any home designs, whether it be modern, contemporary or minimalism. With bright muted colors like warm taupe or light beige, there is no doubt that this style is a top interior design trend and will remain one for as long as possible, since it is so versatile, simple, and easy to find. Apply these natural colors into your coffee tables, accent pieces, side chairs and rugs to create a solidified, cohesive and elegant look. Use paintings and wall art with neutral backgrounds and color schemes if you're looking to decorate with larger statement pieces. The possibilities for a neutral home are truly endless, so don't be afraid to get creative and have fun when designing your space!

Create the neutral home of your dreams with our Valentina Ringlet Vase Collection, Livella Marble Table Collection, The Kiss Canvas and Il Giro Stacking Vase, exceptional pieces that add life and warmth to any room they are placed in. We also have an extraordinary range of neutral pieces to choose from online, so be sure to check out the Bellari Home website to see what we have available!

Moody and Dramatic

Despite neutral colors, such as creme, white and sand, being go-to color themes for the new year, moody and dramatic colors are also making a comeback! The gothic style is going to be a popular interior design trend with darker muted shades at the forefront of decor. Black and various deep shades, like dark purple and dark green, are going to be center stage in room and furniture designs. You will see this in the usage of moody accessories, such as table decor like candleholders and sculptures, and in wall art, like canvas paintings and photography. These darker shades will also be featured in larger styling moments such as wall paint, wallpaper, and furniture.

While we have a surplus of neutral pieces to choose from, we also have an extensive range of dark, muted items that will look exceptional within a gothic styled home, or if you are looking to add pops of deeper shades. If you want to add some bold, moody accents into your living space, see our Testa Sculpture, Ebony Candlelabras, and our In the Dark Canvas, all in stock and available for purchase.

Natural Elements

Of the many trends that we will be seeing in 2023, a big trend to make way into the home is an homage to nature and the natural world. Organic materials, like wood, stones, and plants, are going to be major style focal points within the home, as it creates a relaxing environment. This will be reflected in statement furniture pieces, such as coffee tables, side tables and arm chairs, made from wood materials, like pine and oak. Warm earthy tones, such as rich neutrals, browns and greens, will be seen in home furnishings and decor accessories. Overall, natural materials will be an appealing theme filling spaces for next year, as nature creates a refreshing and balanced mood.

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Monochromatic Colors

While the monochromatic trend has always been apart of interior design, this style is definitely not going anywhere in the upcoming year. The monochromatic look is considered to be one of the simpler trends, as all it takes is finding that perfect shade to fill your house with. You'll absolutely want to find a shade that you are passionate about, since it will be one that is predominant within your space.

However, the monochromatic look is also being achieved through styling with mixture of a few colors. Typically, monochromatic trends are known to feature a singular hue throughout the home, nonetheless, this look can also be achieved by combining a couple different shades and implementing them in various objects within your home. For example, if you are looking for a more neutral monochromatic look, try finding cream, beige or brown items to create a cohesive design.

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Lots of Texture

As soft, minimalistic interior trends have made way in the last year, layering and mixing lots of different textures throughout the house is a shift we will be seeing for interior design trends. Textures that were popularized within the last year, such as bouclé, concrete and wood, are going to be sought after and layered to add depth and interest into the home. Pieces, like coffee tables made from wood or travertine, and couches made with bouclé, are great examples of what will be prominently featured. Adding multiple textures creates a warming and dimensional ambiance within your house, in addition to building character.

See our Bellari Sofa, Tuscan Vessel, Luna Vessel, Tierra Vessel, Goddess Sculpture and Sorento Sculpture, if you are interested in adding multiple textures within your home design.

Organic Shapes

While refined pieces with clean lines are popular within interior design trends, organic shapes will equally be on the rise. This means, unique pieces with more curves and raw, imperfect figures, while still maintaining a sophisticated appeal, are going to be staple accents within the home. Irregular edges, curved furniture, arched shelves, and asymmetrical pieces are major elements in this interior design trend. This can range from circular rugs, couches and coffee tables to vases and sculptures with soft, natural shapes and an organic feel, basically anything that mimics the irregularity and complexities of nature.

If you're looking to fill your space with organic shapes, check out our Venezia Vase, Stone Links and Sorrento Sculptures.

Art Deco

While this trend has certainly been revisited many times throughout the past, Art Deco has renewed interest in interior design for 2023. Inspired by the glamour of the 1920's, this bold and visually invigorating trend features symmetry, mixed patterns, hard lines, and expressive decor to create a glamorous, yet modern appeal. Create a contrast with contemporary art or add visual interest with unique, artistic objects into your space. Gold and bold marble pieces are used to produce a creative influence in any room. As a whole, Art Deco is an exuberant, avant-garde trend that invites a sense of character and luxury within the home.

If you're feeling inspired by this style, you'll find our Coppia Sculptures, Seduction Canvas, and Athena Marble Bust to be artful additions to your home.

Touches of Luxury

Luxurious homes and having an elevated living space will be a design essential and theme for many homeowners. While luxury is often thought of as beautiful gold or silver pieces and various glamorous elements, the luxe appeal that will be trending in 2023 will be the curation of sophisticated, tailored and classic pieces that are well-thought out with clean lines, and invite warmth and refinement into the home. These touches of luxury will range depending on the style of your home and your own personal style. It can be from adding in lavish pieces like vases and pillars to keeping your home as minimal as possible. The goal of adding touches of luxury into the home is by taking a dignified approach to decorating.

Pieces like our Crystal Candles, Blanca Vessel and Marble Tray, are a wonderful way to add those touches of luxury into your interior design.

Bold Stones

Statement marble is going to be in next year! Aside from traditional marble that we're used to seeing in the original white color scheme, which will still be a major part of interior decor, colorful marble and bold marble accent pieces will be a trendy home design to look out for. Marble can be added to the home in large amounts, like kitchen countertops or in flooring, or can be added in simpler ways, with decor pieces like bowls, candleholders and even coffee tables. Using marble adds a touch of brightness, while maintaining all-around luxury.

Adding marble to your home? Check out our Livella Marble Table Collection, Marble Footed Bowl, Marble Key/Ring Bowl, Descanso Marble Taper Holders Set, and Marble Chains!


With just a few decor trends mentioned above, there are many styles that will be on the rise as we shift into the new year. While decor trends are a fun way to get started on interior decorating, also remember that your home is your sanctuary and designing with your personal style and perspective can also be a great way to create the home of your dreams. Styling a home allows you to be creative in your own right so keep this in mind when your choosing what best suits you and your home.

Nonetheless, we hope these top interior design trend predictions for 2023 were resourceful and helped to spark some inspiration or guided you into the right direction. At Bellari Home, we've made it our mission to bring you trending and luxurious pieces to fill you and your home with joy and warmth. Stay tuned for more exciting home decor in the new year!

Once again, we'd like to thank you for your support throughout the year and want to wish you a safe and happy New Year!  

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