About Us

about us

our mission

At Belaré Home, we are driven by a profound mission: to meticulously curate a selection of exquisite, top-tier home decor that empowers you to craft an ambiance of opulence, refinement, and intimate individuality within your living space.

Our design sensibilities are cultivated through immersive travels to both near and far, converging contemporary, timeless, and vintage components into an everlasting, sophisticated aesthetic.

Discover our collection of minimalist, earth-inspired furnishings and decor, thoughtfully handpicked to infuse your home with a profound sense of serenity, allure, and beauty.

Belaré Home was born with a vision to blend timeless elegance, both modern and antique, into every piece. "I aimed to capture the same sentiment that had captivated my father for years, creating more than just decor – a tapestry of memories and emotions, celebrating the enduring allure of both the present and the past," says Maria.

our history

Belaré Home was founded in 2020 in Orange County by Maria, our lead designer and creative director, and Parsia, our head of engineering and operations. 

Together, Maria's artistic intuition and Parsia's technical know-how allow us to seamlessly blend creative vision and expert execution.

At Belaré Home, our commitment to quality, service, and finding products you won't see anywhere else is absolute. 

We travel the world, scouring antique markets, discovering artisans, and boutiques to curate our unique and unparalleled collection. Each piece is rigorously examined by our talented team to ensure it meets our uncompromising standards.

Meet the founder

Maria Zare

Maria, possesses an extraordinary artistic sensibility, cultivated through her worldly travels. Her discerning eye shapes the very essence of Belaré Home's aesthetic and collection.

Inspired by her late father, a true connoisseur of antiquities who owned a vintage store himself, her journey into entrepreneurship was destined to be a blend of artistry and nostalgia — a desire to encapsulate cherished emotions within tangible home pieces.

Under her meticulous guidance, a talented team of designers is curated, each piece is painstakingly handpicked, and stringent quality benchmarks are set, ensuring every product is a testament to her exacting standards.

junior marketing specialist

jessica villalvazo

Introducing Jessica, our talented Junior Marketing Specialist at Belaré Home. With a deep passion for the art of marketing and an eye for creative detail, Jessica brings a wealth of enthusiasm and fresh ideas to our team.

Jessica thrives on exploring the latest marketing trends and seamlessly translates them into engaging campaigns. She's your go-to person for market research, social media strategies, and content that captivates.