Agustus Marble Torso - Belaré Home
Agustus Marble Torso - Belaré Home
Agustus Marble Torso - Belaré Home
Agustus Marble Torso - Belaré Home
Agustus Marble Torso - Belaré Home
Agustus Marble Torso - Belaré Home

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Agustus Marble Torso

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In stock and ready to ship. Introducing the Agustus Marble Torso, this breathtaking piece brings an embodiment of history and artistry. Smooth and well polished, the surface of the marble accentuates the curves and contours of the body, creating a sense of fluidity and movement. Every sinew delicately carved to perfection. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this sculpture portrays an illusion of movement frozen in time. Adding a timeless but elegant piece either in a focal point in your home or a curated collection the Agustus Marble Torso invites pure admiration.   

Size: 11¾" x 9¾" x 19⅝"
Material: Marble

Due to the organic nature of our products, natural materials like marble, travertine, alabaster, onyx, and wood will vary in color, veining, and pattern as each piece is unique. Since no two pieces are alike, we invite you to request photos to appreciate the distinct characteristics of the item you are interested in.

• We take pride in our products as we believe they are amazing. However, we understand that buying things online can be daunting, especially for the first time, so we offer a 30 day return window.

• If you don't have a positive experience for any reason, we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

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Step into the realm of timeless elegance

Transport yourself to the realm of timeless beauty with the Agustus Marble Torso – a stunning testament to the fusion of history and artistry. This exquisite sculpture, with its meticulously polished surface and intricately carved details, is not just a piece of décor but intricate art. A display that proudly fits in your home, where it will captivate admiration and fascination with its graceful form. Crafted with unparalleled skill and attention to detail, the Agustus Marble Torso promises to be a cherished centerpiece, a symbol of sophistication and refined taste that will endure endlessly. Don't miss the opportunity to own this extraordinary work of art and elevate your living space with its undeniable allure.

Embrace the allure

As you envision this exquisite sculpture gracing the heart of your home, imagine the mesmerizing impact it will have on your space. With its meticulously polished surface and intricately carved details, the Agustus Marble Torso exudes an air of opulence and grace that captivates the senses and commands attention. Picture it as the centerpiece of your living room, drawing guests in with its undeniable allure and sparking conversations that linger long into the night.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Agustus Marble Torso represents a timeless investment in beauty and craftsmanship that will endure endlessly for years to come. Crafted with unsurpassed expertise and meticulous precision, this extraordinary work of art promises to be a cherished heirloom, enriching your home with its undeniable presence and adding a touch of refinement to every room it embellishes. Seize the chance to own a piece of history and elevate your living space with the timeless allure of the Agustus Marble Torso.

Balanced statement

Surround this exquisite sculpture with complementary decor and furnishings that achieve its inherent elegance. Picture the Agustus Marble Torso as the focal point of your room, bathed in soft, natural light against a backdrop of neutral tones that highlight its timeless beauty. With deep neutrals infusing warmth and depth, every element of your space will harmonize effortlessly to showcase the unparalleled allure of this captivating artwork. Consider incorporating elements such as metallic accents, soft tones, & minimalist decor to create a harmonious ambiance that accentuates the sculpture's timeless appeal.

With the Agustus Marble Torso as the centerpiece of your space, you'll create an environment that exudes luxury, style, and enduring beauty—a true reflection of your impeccable taste and appreciation for the finer things in life.

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