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Sentiment Ravena Vessel - Belaré Home
Sentiment Ravena Vessel - Belaré Home
Sentiment Ravena Vessel - Belaré Home


Sentiment Ravena Vessel

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New to the Sentiment Collection, experience the artistry of handmade craftsmanship with these stunning, generously sized Ravena Vessels. Standing at over fifteen inches tall and boasting a three-inch wide mouth, they're perfect for showcasing tall reeds or feathers. Make a statement in any room with these eye-catching beauties.

Enjoy the uniqueness of this item, crafted by hand, with slight variations in appearance, note that as a result of this artisanal process, the product may not be completely watertight.

Dimensions: 15.75"H x 6"Diameter.; 3.5"Diameter
Material: Ceramic 

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A timeless work of art

Through the human hands of our artisans, the Ravena Vessel offers unique pieces that are rich in detail and beauty. Our Vessels embrace imperfections as a source of character - expressing individuality with each piece displaying its own personality for you to explore and appreciate.

Evoke emotion and purpose

Every item is crafted with care, energy and intention. Reaching far beyond mere decoration, these pieces draw out emotion from their surroundings - each one a unique catalyst for connection with the place we beautifully live in.

With each glance, the vase reveals new layers of meaning, encouraging us to engage with it on a deeper level. It beckons us to explore the nuances of texture and form, to unravel the mysteries concealed within its intricate design. Like a silent guardian, it holds secrets untold, waiting patiently for those who dare to seek them out. In its enigmatic presence, we find inspiration and solace, reassured by the knowledge that there is always more to discover, more to learn, and more to appreciate in the ever-unfolding tapestry of art and life.

Art is form of expression

Art is a form of expression, and the vase's texture speaks volumes in its ability to imbue any space with neutrality, abstraction, and strength. Its figural elements allude to something much deeper than meets the eye - an invitation for further exploration beyond what we can initially see.

In its neutrality, the vase becomes a blank canvas, inviting interpretation and projection of our own emotions and experiences. It is a vessel for introspection, allowing us to reflect on the fluidity of identity and the interconnectedness of all things. Through its abstraction, the vase challenges us to question our perceptions and preconceptions, urging us to see beyond the confines of our own understanding. And in its strength, it serves as a reminder of resilience and perseverance, standing tall as a testament to the enduring power of the human spirit.

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