Livella Marble Console Table - Belaré Home
Livella Marble Console Table - Belaré Home
Livella Marble Console Table - Belaré Home

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Livella Marble Console Table

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Sold out. Next availability June/July.

Introducing the Livella Marble Console Table. It can be placed indoors or out with its Sawar marble construction. Features a sturdy cylindrical base of the same material. This exquisite piece is undeniably a work of art. Marvel at the elegant waves of blush, ivory, and mocha veining that gracefully traverse the marble top and solid, oval base. The sawar marble used in its design boasts distinctive, striking veining patterns, ensuring that each table is one-of-a-kind. Prepare to be captivated by the unparalleled splendor of nature displayed in this stunning creation. 

Perfect for statement piece in your entry or foyer, or as a desk.

Due to the organic nature of our products, natural materials like marble or wood will vary in color, veining, and pattern as each piece is unique.

Semi glossy honed finish.

Materials: Marble
Size: 47.5”L x 15”W x 30”H
Weight: 585 lbs 

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Due to the organic nature of our products, natural materials like marble, travertine, alabaster, onyx, and wood will vary in color, veining, and pattern as each piece is unique. Since no two pieces are alike, we invite you to request photos to appreciate the distinct characteristics of the item you are interested in.

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Artistry & Functionality

With its effortless elegance, the Livella Marble Console table is a testament to timeless beauty. Its confident presence and minimalist profile provide an inviting yet dramatic arena for our favorite decorative pieces, while allowing us to revel in the raw glamor of nature itself. The stunning silhouette serves as a graceful anchor that graces any room with style and sophistication - carrying its own distinct identity no matter how we choose to adorn it!

Timeless Beauty

Step into a world of timeless sophistication with the Livella Marble Console Table, an epitome of versatility and exquisite craftsmanship suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Crafted from the finest Sawar marble, renowned for its durability and natural beauty, this table effortlessly combines form and function. Its sturdy cylindrical base, mirroring the elegance of the marble top, creates a harmonious balance of strength and refinement. As your eyes wander across the surface, you'll be mesmerized by the mesmerizing waves of blush, ivory, and mocha veining that gracefully meander, each telling a unique story of the earth's artistry.

Embrace the uniqueness of each Livella Marble Console Table, as the distinctive patterns of the sawar marble ensure that no two pieces are alike. Whether it's the centerpiece of your entryway, making a bold statement in your foyer, or serving as a stylish workstation in your home office, this table exudes understated luxury and sophistication. The semi-glossy honed finish adds a touch of elegance while allowing the natural beauty of the marble to shine through, creating a captivating focal point in any space.

Celebrate the organic nature of our materials as you welcome the variations in color, veining, and pattern that are inherent to each piece of marble. These imperfections only serve to enhance the individuality and character of your Livella Marble Console Table, ensuring that it remains a cherished heirloom for years to come. Revel in the beauty of nature brought indoors, and let this exquisite piece become a testament to your discerning taste and appreciation for timeless elegance.

Timeless Grace

Step into a realm of unparalleled beauty and sophistication with the Livella Marble Console Table, where artistry seamlessly intertwines with functionality to elevate your space to new heights. Crafted from the finest Sawar marble, this exquisite piece beckons you to immerse yourself in the timeless allure of natural stone. Imagine tracing your fingers along the surface, feeling the smoothness of the marble beneath your touch, as delicate waves of blush, ivory, and mocha hues mesmerize your senses. Each swirl and vein tells a story of the earth's ancient artistry, ensuring that no two tables are ever quite the same.

Envision the Livella Marble Console Table taking center stage in your entryway or foyer, commanding attention with its captivating presence. As a statement piece, it exudes a sense of refined elegance, setting the tone for the rest of your home decor. Alternatively, transform it into a sophisticated desk where creativity and productivity converge, inspiring you to accomplish great things in an environment of unparalleled beauty. With its semi-glossy honed finish, every glance promises to enchant, inviting you to bask in the essence of sophistication and distinction that it brings to your home.

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