Roma Martini Glass (Set of 4) - Belaré Home
Roma Martini Glass (Set of 4) - Belaré Home
Roma Martini Glass (Set of 4) - Belaré Home
Roma Martini Glass (Set of 4) - Belaré Home


Roma Martini Glass (Set of 4)

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Our luxurious Roma Martini Glasses are blown with textured and hand-painted 24K gold rims. The luxurious Martini Glass features a unique triangular shape making for an elegant presentation that can be used on any occasion! Set of 4.

Our Martini Glasses are here to serve you martinis/ espresso martinis, vodka, or any other similar thing where you want to have a party with your friends.

Note: We do not provide garnishes with your orders and neither do we have such an option. We only deliver the product as mentioned above.

Size: 7"H x 4.25"Dia. (0.5 lbs) 
Hand washing recommended

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Refinement & Style

Experience luxury with our Roma Martini Glasses, meticulously crafted with textured and hand-painted 24K gold rims, adding an opulent touch to any occasion. Their distinctive triangular shape ensures an elegant presentation, perfect for serving martinis, espresso martinis, vodka, or any libation of your choice, whether you're hosting a sophisticated soirée or enjoying a casual gathering with friends. Each set includes four exquisite glasses, elevating your drinking experience to new heights of refinement and style.

Unparalleled Luxury & Sophistication

The Roma Martini Glasses, generously crafted to elevate your drinking experience to new heights. Each glass is a testament to impeccable craftsmanship, with textured and hand-painted 24K gold rims that shimmer with opulence, creating a visual masterpiece. From the moment you lay eyes on these stunning glasses, you'll be captivated by their unparalleled beauty and exquisite detailing, making them the perfect statement piece for any occasion.

Designed with a distinctive triangular shape, our Roma Martini Glasses not only exude elegance but also offer unparalleled functionality. Perfectly curated for all your celebratory moments, our Roma Martini Glasses are more than just barware; they are symbols of elegance. Each set, comprising four of these stunning glasses. Whether you're treating yourself to a well-deserved treat or searching for the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, these glasses are sure to impress and delight. Elevate your cocktail hour to new heights of sophistication with our Roma Martini Glasses, and toast to unforgettable moments in unparalleled style. With every sip, immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury.

Luxurious Glasses

Immerse yourself in the art of indulgence as you gently sip from these luxurious Roma Martini Glasses, each one a masterpiece of design. Whether you find yourself hosting a lavish soirée, where every detail is meticulously curated to perfection, or simply enjoying a cozy evening in the comfort of your home with cherished friends, these glasses effortlessly elevate any drinking experience. With each delicate sip, allow the rich, golden hues of the hand-painted 24K gold rims to envelop your senses, transporting you to a world of refined elegance and unparalleled luxury. Every moment becomes a celebration of sophistication and style, as these glasses become the centerpiece of your gatherings.

The presence of our Roma Martini Glasses transforms any cocktail into a visual delight, enhancing the allure of each libation and inviting admiration from your guests. Whether you're serving classic martinis, inventive espresso martinis, or refreshing vodka cocktails, these glasses add an extra layer of elegance and charm to every pour. With their exquisite design and impeccable detailing, they are not just vessels for your drinks but works of art that elevate the entire drinking experience.

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