Ebony Elevated Candelabra - Belaré Home
Ebony Elevated Candelabra - Belaré Home
Ebony Elevated Candelabra - Belaré Home
Ebony Elevated Candelabra - Belaré Home
Ebony Elevated Candelabra - Belaré Home


Ebony Elevated Candelabra

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Transform any room into an artistic masterpiece with our Ebony Elevated Candelabra. This stunning piece will instantly become a centerpiece of style, elevating your interior look to striking sophistication and graceful elegance that appeals to all the senses. Let this gorgeous work of art bring you luxurious ambiance through its expressive details - create magical moments in every space as it stands on a pedestal, on a book, or tabletop.

Size: 8-1/2" L x 7 "W x 9.50" H
Material: Aluminum

** Candles not included 

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Elevate Your Home

The Ebony Candelabra embodies a flawless synthesis of contemporary refinement and creative audacity. Its alluring, sinuous form, crafted from textured black aluminum, is ideally suited to cradle taper candles at each endpoint, lending charm and intrigue to any location in which it is displayed.

artistic brilliance and refined taste

The Ebony Elevated Candelabra is not merely a decorative item; it is a transformative piece that imbues any space with a sense of artistic brilliance and refined taste. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, its elegant structure and sophisticated design language elevate your interior to new heights of style and grace. This remarkable candelabra becomes an instant focal point, drawing eyes and admiration with its sleek, polished appearance and the luxurious ambiance it exudes.

With its expressive details and striking silhouette, the Ebony Elevated Candelabra is designed to appeal to all the senses. Its textured black finish captures the light, creating a mesmerizing interplay of shadows and highlights that enhance the beauty of its surroundings. Whether placed on a pedestal, nestled among books on a shelf, or taking pride of place on a tabletop, this candelabra transcends its functional purpose to become a source of magical moments and visual delight.

blend seamlessly with any decor style

The versatility of the Ebony Elevated Candelabra lies in its ability to blend seamlessly with any decor style, from the avant-garde to the classically elegant. Its presence in a room not only illuminates the space but also adds depth and character, making a bold statement of sophistication and artistic flair. This candelabra invites homeowners and designers alike to rethink the possibilities of interior decoration, encouraging a play with height, texture, and form to create a dynamic and engaging environment.

Imagine the warm glow of candlelight emanating from this exquisite piece, casting a soft, inviting light that transforms everyday moments into occasions of serene beauty and contemplation. The Ebony Elevated Candelabra is more than just a means to light a room; it is a celebration of artistry and design, a symbol of luxury and elegance that enhances the quality of living and enriches the aesthetic experience of any space it graces. Let this gorgeous work of art be the catalyst for creating unforgettable, magical moments in every corner of your home.

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