The Best Home Decor Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is a time to reflect and honor the resilient and endearing matriarchs in our lives. It is a demonstration of our love in the greatest ways possible to those who unconditionally sacrifice so much for us each and every day. As we near the occasion, preparing for Mother's day is a task that should be held with high value, as mom deserves a gift that is reminiscent of her graceful charm and undeniable strength.  

Showering our loved one with adoration and appreciation is a timeless act, since we should always show those we care for our unwavering support. So this Mother's Day, why not share the gift of versatility and timelessness that is encapsulated in home decor, a gift that mom will assuredly adore. From home accessories to statement everyday essentials, the perfect Mother's day gift can be found here at Bellari Home, to show the important mothers in your life how much their presence, boundless love and daily sacrifices is endlessly treasured. 

Follow along for some wonderful home decor gifts and ideas that will make this Mother's day one to remember, and even discover those special gifts to add to your own Mother's Day wishlist.


Timeless Scents & Candles Mom Will Adore

These gifts are the best to those who are candle-lovers, or diffuser-lovers, and are looking for unique pieces to add to their home. From accessories to candles, the perfect Mother's day gift is here!


Bel-Air Diffuser + White Tea Diffuser Oil

Surprise mom this Mother's day with the Bel-Air Diffuser, an innovative design and technology that evenly disperses a beautiful fragrance all throughout her home. This heatless and waterless diffuser, paired with the White Tea Diffuser Oil, carries the ability to make any abode a relaxing environment with a rich, airy and versatile scent, at any time of the day. A gift that mom can enjoy all throughout the year!

Crystal Candle (Available in 3 Sizes)

This gift will truly take mom's breath away! The Crystal Candle, available in petite, medium and grande, are the epitome of beauty and grace, all of those amazing characteristics that reminds us of mom. With an effortless demeanor and soft ivory hue, this beautiful statement candle will bring a sense of harmony, all while dispersing the refreshing scent of white tea ginger, even without being lit. Not to mention the unique crystalized bowl that is versatile for every house. A must-have for candle lovers!

Fierro Collection + Beeswax Taper Candles

Impress mom with a beautiful gift that represents the delicacy, strength and beauty of nature and organic forms. The Fierro Collection will be the perfect addition to any home and will invite warmth and light into each room they exist within. Couple these with the Beeswax Taper Candles to fully experience the effortless and delicate allure this set has to offer. We know she's going to enjoy these!

Ebony Elevated Candelabra + Timber Taper Candles

A unique mother's day gift, for the mom who loves one-of-a-kind, artful pieces. The Ebony Elevated Candelabra, when paired with our Timber Taper Candles, offers interest and dimension to any living space, with an eccentric, yet elegant silhouette. Interior decorating will come easy with this stunning new addition, which can be used all throughout mom's life.

Snuffer & Trimmer Set

Your candle-loving mom will value this luxurious Snuffer & Trimmer Set, so she can take care of her candle in a fashionable manner. Crafted with brushed gold and complete with a signature velvet bag, there's no doubt this gift will be a must-have addition to any candle collection!

Voltaire Match Cloche

Gift this must-have Voltaire Match Cloche to mom this Mother's day, a great addition to our Crystal Candle! With a hand-blown glass case featuring a spiraled, fluted texture, 120 four-inch majestic matches are brilliantly showcased and will allow any candle to be lit in style.


Elegant Vases To Warm Mom's Heart

If you are gifting a mom who loves flowers and greenery, you have come to the right place. These charming vases are one-of-a-kind, bringing intrigue to each room they are placed in.


Loretta Vase

An eye-catching statement piece for any room! The Loretta Vase, featuring irregular ridges that beautifully grasps the light when it gently graces its form, is the epitome of natural beauty. Pair this timeless piece with a set of fresh flowers or green foliage to bring a smile to mom's face!


Valentina Ringlet Vase

An interesting and distinctive vase that will catch the eyes of any who are able to graze this ravishing form! When housing greenery, the Valentina Ringlet Vase offers an enchanting appearance that can't be beat. With eight astonishing ringlets placed alongside a center bulb, gifting this striking vase to mom this Mother's day will take her home decor to the next level.

Il Giro Stacking Vase

Behold the charm of versatility that is offered with the sculptural Il Giro Stacking Vase. Whether stacked as a singular styling piece or rearranged to feature three, this vase is a fun and enriching way to show mom how much you care! When arranged into a few grand pieces, her favorite flowers or plants can be showcased in a variety of ways.

Statement Luxury Pieces To Spoil Mom With

These are the gifts for the moms who love luxury home decor, and even those who are looking to decorate their new home or take their space to new heights.


Amare Accent Chair

Here's an exceptional gift that will wow mom! The Amare Accent Chair, made with a light wood frame and upholstered in an ivory non-woven fabric, is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any room. A statement piece that will be mom's new favorite!

 Lucia Ottoman

One of our newest arrivals, the Lucia Ottoman offers a soft, boucle upholstery which encourages a peaceful respite from life's chaotic moments, a soothing aura to invite within any indoor space - so mom can sit back, relax, and enjoy her space!

 Column Fluted Side Table

With exquisite fluted edges crafted from cement that features an antiquated neutral finish bringing subtle luxury to any abode, the Column Fluted Side Table embodies an antique charm and graceful presence. Any mother will appreciate the functionality of this piece!

 Must-Have Decor For Mom

Here's a few Mother's day gift ideas for the moms who are looking for home essentials that will spark joy into their everyday life.

Goddess Sculpture

An artful combination of organic shapes and intricate design. The handmade Goddess Sculpture is casted in concrete for a textural touch and hand carved to create curved features that are inspired by human-like attributes. Mom will love the inherent artistry within this piece!

Coppia Sculpture

A best-selling, customer-loved staple piece that represents love in the entirety of its form - the Coppia Sculpture is one that is graceful in every inch. Available in black and white, this item will be the perfect fit for any home.

Testa Sculpture

With strength, confidence and beauty that is reminiscent of astonishing moms in our lives, the Testa Sculpture combines style, grace and art, as it commands attention wherever it goes.

Organic Stone Marble Tray

The Organic Stone Marble Tray is ideal for any house! Consisting of the classic look of white marble, the innate elegance exuding from this captivating piece is an excellent gift any mother would love, as it is an easy way to amplify any space! Whether sitting on a coffee table or placed atop a shelf, the versatility of this piece is one we know she'll love!

Marble Footed Bowl

Combining elegance, luxury and modern style into a silhouette that gracefully fulfills serving and display purposes, the traditional white complexion formed by luxurious marble adds an effortless touch to any countertop or table it is placed upon. Whether on a kitchen table or coffee nook, the timeless Marble Footed Bowl will elevate the look of any table decor.

Roma Collection

Now available in four silhouettes, you'll be sure to find that ideal fit for mom with the Roma Collection! With a textured mouth blown glass and 24K gold rim, every sip from these glasses will feel grand regardless of the occasion, from a night in to an after work delight. A true necessity for the home decor lover that is looking to spice up their dining table or bar accessories.

Oro Nero Silverware Set

The Oro Nero Silverware Set is a home decor must - a gift that any mother would value! Available in silver or gold, this stainless steel set of silverware contains 6 knives, 6 forks, 6 tablespoons and 6 teaspoons, and is the perfect set to display on any table or for everyday use.

Decorative Books

These Decorative Coffee Table Books are an essential for mom's who love to decorate! Rest these designer decorative books alongside other decor elements, such as vases or candles, for dimension and simple style that can easily implemented. 

The Gift Of Choice

Gift Cards

If you're feeling uncertain about which pieces to choose this Mother's Day, allow the mothers in your life to discover that ideal piece by presenting them with a gift card. Our Bellari Home Gift Cards come in a value of $50, $100, $250 and $500 - this way, mom can purchase that perfect gift, anytime she wants!


Gifting mom doesn't have to be tedious this Mother's day. With a few ideas to spark inspiration, these home decor gifts will be one-of-a-kind that mom can enjoy for years beyond the holiday. Not only will she enjoy these timeless pieces for their elegance, grace and expert design, but she'll feel that love that is transpired through their detail and effortless beauty.

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