The Bellari Home Elevated Gift Guide

Amidst the bustling excitement of the holiday season, the tradition of gift giving infuses an aura of anticipation and joy into the atmosphere. Aside from the evoking of memories and traditions or the adornment of festive decor along the streets and within our homes, the holidays serve as a reminder to cherish and foster the plentiful relationships within our lives, through the act of giving.
As the festive season approaches, the art of selecting the perfect gift becomes an endeavor filled with heartfelt intentions and careful deliberation. Whether a thoughtful object which represents shared moments or a heartfelt gesture depicting your everlasting love, the warmth and joy of the season is one that will take place when demonstrating appreciation.
The holidays should be a time of reflection and love, so allow your holiday gifting to exist with ease, as we offer our elevated home decor gift guide.

Elevated Gifts for The Candle Lover

Gifts for the enthusiasts of delightful fragrances!
Crystal Candle
Present the gift of radiating, effortless beauty with our well-desired Crystal Candle Collection. Available in three sizes, petite, original and grande, this candle was designed to be showcased in any part of your home. Consisting of a non-toxic coconut soy wax, dispersing a luxurious and refreshing scent of white tea ginger root, this candle will find it's place in every room, as it offers a versatile, ivory finish and is safe for children and pets. A candle that truly does it all!
Ebony Muted Candelabra
A customer-favorite, the Ebony Muted Candelabra will bring more than an elegant glow to anyones home, but an artful touch as well. With a curved silhouette, crafted from black aluminum, this candleholder will add interest and appeal to anywhere it is placed, as it perfectly holds two taper candles on each end.
Ebony Elevated Candelabra
As the other half of the Ebony Collection, the Elevated Candelabra will take any table design to extraordinary heights. With expressive detailing, formed with outstanding curves, three taper candles will be brilliantly showcased offering a striking centerpiece! An elegant piece crafted from durable black aluminum.
Ferra Lily Candle Holders & Beeswax Taper Candles
The beauty and elegance of nature is effortlessly showcased in the structure of the Ferra Lily Candle Holders. Handmade with iron to feature soft twirls and a bronzed flower atop, this set of candle holders comes together to enhance any space with a warm, enticing appeal and a delicate touch.
Timber Taper Candles
Our Timber Taper Candles are the perfect way to add elegance to any table setting and candle holder! The slender shape and silhouette create a sense of verticality that encourages the eye to dance across the table. The flickering flame and the rich hues add warmth and soft ambiance to any room, while the extra-special versions of this decorating essential add texture and interest. Delicate and eye-catching at the same time!
Snuffer & Trimmer Set
The perfect accessories for any gift of candles, this Snuffer & Trimmer Set features long handles and comfortable design that allows you to easily and neatly trim your candle’s wick before each burn. An ideal tool to help you care for your candles in style, and further a clean and smoke-free burn without a mess, that will maintain the burning quality of your candle over time. Crafted with brushed gold and adorned with the Bellari Home logo.
Voltaire Match Cloche
Pair this Voltaire Match Cloche with any candle for an instantly stylish gift set that anyone will adore! Made with hand-blown glass, this cloche contains 120 four-inch majestic matches and an elegant spiral texture. The flint that strikes against bottle adds a mysterious spark, reviving tradition with each light. The intricate craftsmanship will amplify any decor!
Bel-Air Diffuser & White Tea Diffuser Oil
Paired harmoniously with our signature White Tea scent, the Bel-Air Diffuser employs innovative nano mist technology to evenly diffuse a refreshing aroma throughout the home. Beyond creating an inviting ambiance, our diffuser prioritizes safety, making it suitable for use around furniture, pets, and children, ensuring that their living space not only smells delightful but remains worry-free.

Eye-catching Gifts for The Art Lover

Presents that are bound to capture any art lover's attention!
Canvas Prints
Discover the ideal artwork for your art enthusiast among our diverse range of Canvas Prints. With a wide array of sizes and designs to choose from, our collection offers the perfect piece to adorn any space. Whether they prefer framed or unframed prints, our selection ensures a seamless fit for any aesthetic preferences and interior decor design.
Romano Torso
Crafted in Stone or Aged Black, the Romano Torso Sculpture, sculpted from durable polyresin, serves as an exceptional catalyst for conversation. Its intricate cracked detailing and striking human-like form capture the essence of artistic allure, making it a captivating masterpiece that resonates with art enthusiasts.
Testa Sculpture
The Testa Sculpture embodies a powerful blend of strength and confidence within its very structure. Presenting the Testa Sculpture to someone you hold dear serves as an inspiration, symbolizing a message of curiosity and intrigue, intertwined with the feelings of longing and desire, all ultimately united by the essence of pure love.
Coppia Sculpture
Exuding a gentle, romantic essence that beautifully embodies love and admiration, this sculpture serves as an exceptional testament to passion and affection. The Coppia Sculpture stands as a heartfelt gift, conveying a tender message of pure adoration and endearment.

The Perfect Gifts for Hosts

For the social butterfly whose home is always bustling with laughter and warmth, gifts that amplify the ambience of their living space make for cherished tokens of appreciation. From dazzling glassware favorites to radiant stone trays, there's a gift for those who like to host in style.
Oro Nero Silverware Set
Ideal for both casual get-togethers or elevated dining, the Oro Nero Silverware Set effortlessly brings a touch of sophistication to any table. With its radiant luster, sleek stainless steel finish, and refined contours, this set is a flawless addition, designed to elevate the dining experience. An impeccable choice for those who take pleasure in hosting with a touch of opulence, this set embodies both aesthetic and functionality, making it a perfect gift for those with an eye for luxury.
Roma Collection
Give the gift of luxurious indulgence with our handcrafted Roma Collection, boasting exquisite textured glass and a lavish 24K gold rim. Elevate your loved one's hosting game with these unparalleled glasses that exude both elegance and style. Choose from a selection of five exceptional silhouettes, each meticulously crafted to elevate every sip into a moment of refined indulgence.
Fel Fringe Linen Napkins
Incorporate a touch of sophistication to your dining or kitchen table with the Fel Fringe Linen Napkins, designed with a soothing neutral color palette and delicate fringe accents. These napkins are a versatile addition to any dining set, suitable for both special occasions and everyday meals, promising to enhance the dining experience with an elegant flair.
Alabaster Coasters
A striking complement to our Roma Collection, our opulent Alabaster Coasters offer a bold touch of creative design to any space, without the need for a large art piece commitment. Whether adorning your dining table, enlivening your living room, or accentuating your next gathering, these coasters seamlessly merge style and functionality.
Organic Alabaster Round Tray
Meticulously handcrafted and finished with exceptional care, our Organic Alabaster tray makes for an exceptional sculptural gift for any host. Its grand scale showcases the unique charm of the stone, with its distinctive veining, tonal shades, and natural texture, unveiling the inherent grace and individual character of each piece.
Organic Stone Marble Tray
The Organic Stone Marble Tray is a wonderful addition to any home. With its timeless white marble aesthetics, this piece radiates inherent elegance, making it a perfect gift that anyone would cherish.
Sophisticated Vases for Artful Decorating
Vases that are brilliantly crafted, showcasing expert design and natural charm. The best gift for those who love their greenery!
Thalia Vessel
Reflecting an antique vessel, the Thalia Vessel is both rustic and timeless in design. With its raw, rustic edges and earthy hues, this piece hints at an ancient story waiting to be unearthed, a narrative that bridges the gap between our history and contemporary decor. A charming piece fit for any abode!
Sentiment Collection
For those who adore a rustic touch and unique finish, the Sentiment Collection, available in four exceptional forms, these vases are made by hand and meticulously finished with a gentle antiquing effect, each vase is one of a kind and will surely add character to any home.
Luna Bowl Vessel
Fashioned from terracotta, the Luna Vessel is crafted using a traditional method, involving open-fire burning. Each piece is then carefully hand-painted in soothing neutral tones and adorned with a gas flame finish, culminating in a genuinely distinctive and enchanting surface. A wonderful gift that will transcend time!
Loretta Collection

Offered in both medium, large or as a squat, the Loretta Vases present a striking visual display either as a standalone piece or in an alluring arrangement. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, each vase boasts its own unique character, ensuring no two are precisely alike. With intricately sculpted irregular ridges, these vases elegantly capture and reflect natural light, adding a touch of captivating charm to any space.
Medium Thora Vessel
Meticulously created by adept craftsmen, this hand-sculpted and wonderfully textured Medium Thora Vessel is deeply entrenched in the rich traditional artistry of Rajasthan. It is fashioned from EcoMix, an eco-friendly material that seamlessly blends the heritage designs of the past with a sustainable vision for the future. A perfect sustainable gift!

Exceptionally Elevated Home Furnishings

The especially extravagant, unique gifts for those who have elevated home furnishings on their wishlists.
Berlin Teddy Accent Chair
The Berlin Teddy Chair, featured in the soothing color sand, serves as an ideal sanctuary for relaxation and unwinding. Its shearling upholstery exudes warmth and texture, complemented by the sleek black legs and the sophisticated high button back. With a lightly tufted back enhancing comfort, this chair stands as the perfect choice for those who prioritize both fashion and snugness.
Livella Collection
With an effortless elegance, the Livella Marble Collection is a testament to timeless beauty. Its confident presence and minimalist profile provide an inviting yet dramatic arena for decorative pieces, while allowing us to revel in the raw glamor of nature itself. The stunning silhouette serves as a graceful anchor that graces any space with aesthetic and sophistication.
Sicily Concrete Accent Tables
Catering to the neutral enthusiast, the Sicily Concrete Accent Tables boast varied heights, ensuring a distinct and engaging presence in any household. The parchment white tone infuses an airy industrial ambiance, making it an ideal choice for both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, serving effortlessly as a display piece or a convenient surface area.
Column Fluted Side Table
This elevated Column Fluted Side Table seamlessly blends antique allure with a modern twist. Their intricate fluted edges evoke the grandeur of ancient ruins, while their meticulous craftsmanship from cement, coupled with a weathered neutral concrete finish, amplifies their classic charm and enduring allure.

The Gift of Choice

The Bellari Home Gift Card
Provide the gift of choice to allow your loved ones to shop their favorite pieces anytime they desire! The Bellari Home gift card is available in $50, $100, $250, $500 and $1000.
From cherished friends to close family, we hope you are inspired to find the idyllic gift for those special people in your life, gifts that beautifully reflect your shared affection! Visit our website to learn more about our exquisite decor.

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