Decorating a Stylish Space with Fashion Art

After the furniture has been placed and the décor situated, the one remaining task is filling your empty walls. Choosing wall art can seem intimidating. It's usually left as the last piece of the decorating puzzle because choosing the "perfect" canvas can be overwhelming. The right artwork, where you choose to hang it, and how you display it can pull the entire room together. Perhaps more than any other element of interior decorating, wall art is about showing off who you are. Think of it as a way to express your personality and tell your story. 

Choose Your Art First

Although most people tend to choose their artwork after the rest of the space has been carefully curated, consider trying the opposite approach. Find a fashion painting or print that you love and use that as your color palette and inspiration to build the rest of the room around. Our Cocktail Corner canvas print features a combination of slate blue, gray, nude, and a beautiful berry color. Using this palette to guide your room aesthetic can make decorating easier and more harmonious.

cocktail corner fashion art canvas

With this particular example, you could start with a nude or light neutral-colored couch, alongside slate blue or gray chairs and metal side tables. Using berry-hued pillows and a throw blanket makes all the pieces in the room work together as a cohesive unit. Meanwhile, keeping the furniture minimal allows the little touches to shine and look extra chic.

When you purchase a fashion art print from Bellari Home, you have the option of receiving it canvas wrapped, unframed, or framed in either black or white. This makes them wonderfully customizable to fit any space or aesthetic.

We also carry perfect accent touches to complement your chosen artwork. Why not play off elements of black or white with a monochromatic decorative book? Our Tom Ford and Chanel books are black and white and match perfectly with any color scheme. You can use the book as a base on your coffee table and add a touch of sparkle and class with our gold Crystal Candle. Now you have just made the space work around your art, instead of making your art work around your space.

Use Your Art as a Focal Point

One of the main principles of interior design is having a focal point. Most people think about building their rooms around furniture or televisions, but that can be boring and basic. If you have a fireplace or built-in shelving, you can use that as your natural focal point. But if your space is blank, this is the perfect opportunity to incorporate and highlight a fashion canvas. 

Again, finding your art first and deciding where to hang it can make coming up with the rest of the room design simpler and more purposeful. For a clean appearance in a smaller space, a large framed image on a wall that's just big enough will tell everyone exactly where to look. The slightly oversized proportions can also feel extra glamorous. After all, art is an extension of your personality, so why not highlight that part of yourself with a statement piece?

Create Texture with a Gallery Wall

If you have many interests or love an eclectic, high-energy look in your home, you may prefer to skip one large piece of art in favor of many smaller pieces. At Bellari Home, our fashion prints come in five different sizes, ranging from 12x16 up to 40x60. Choosing two or three (or more) of our prints is a great place to start a gallery wall. Choose art in varying sizes with different framing options. You'll create a dynamic installation by mixing your finishes, which is why we suggest including a variety of framed, unframed, and wrapped canvases.

Adding a shadowbox or wall hanging can bring in extra texture and interest. The beauty of a shadowbox is the ability to change out what you are displaying so your guests have something new to enjoy every time they enter your space. Have fun with it. Look at this as a chance to show off just a little bit more of what makes you and your home special and unique.

Don't forget to measure the wall space before you get started with your layout. A key trick of interior designers is to take the wall measurements and then use a measuring tape or painter's tape to make these exact measurements on your floor. Once you have that, take the pieces you want to incorporate in your gallery wall and arrange them on the ground until you are happy with the spacing and design. Take these new measurements and mark them on the wall with a pencil before installing any nails or screws. This takes guesswork out of the equation and keeps mistakes to a minimum.

Keep the rest of the room neutral and your décor minimal so that your gallery wall is the main event. Create balance with end tables and lamps to offset the busyness and help your eyes to remain focused on the art. 

Art Makes the Room Appear Finished

We've all been in a room and realized that something doesn't feel right. The space can be beautifully decorated with high-end furniture, gorgeous rugs, and elegant sculptures, yet still seem to be missing something. In most cases, what's missing is wall art. Whether it's one large piece or a carefully curated gallery wall, art is what ties in all the colors and aesthetics of a room to make it feel cohesive and finished. A few green plants or vases with complementary-colored blooms are great ways to make a space feel complete and visually satisfying.

Bellari Home

At Bellari Home our Instagram-worthy canvas prints are available in multiple sizes with three options:

  • Unframed Canvas Print
  • Standard Gallery Wrap
  • Framed Gallery Wrap — with choice of black or white frame

Printed in HD on high-quality, artist-grade canvas, our prints ensure bright colors that don't fade over time. Plus, all standard and framed gallery wraps come supplied with pre-installed hardware and a hanging kit, ensuring you have the tools you need to display your new fashion-forward artwork properly.

At Bellari Home, quality is of the utmost importance to us, so you can rest assured everything you receive meets our high standards. Check out the rest of our website to find the perfect accent pieces to go with your new artwork. While you're there, subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates, access to exclusive deals, and more! Our customers inspire us daily, so don't forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook so we can see how you style your new décor!

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