Accessorizing your home is the final touch that brings everything together. Even the most well-designed spaces can look unfinished and empty without the finishing touches added. Adding accessories will not only liven up any space, but also give it personality and life! One of our favorite ways to elevate your space is with vasethey can instantly make your space feel more inviting! Vases can be used as decorative pieces and can double as both an interesting decor piece and serve its practical purpose too!

If you're not sure what type of vase will work best in your space - ask yourself these questions first: What colors do I like most often in my home décor scheme? Do I prefer modern designs over traditional ones? Am I looking for something decorative as opposed to practical?

Today we might think of vases as little more than vessels for flowers, but they in fact have multiple uses in modern culture: as storage containers, commemorative objects, pots for trees and flowers, decorative items, gifts, and even trophies. The reason for this is simple. Vases have occupied a unique place in human history, with most of the vase designs and uses we have today being established centuries ago. Indeed, the practice of giving vases as trophies is one which dates back to Ancient Greece. 

In this post, I’ve sourced a variety of beautiful vases for you in three categories: Statement, Accent, Antiques. Now let’s talk about each one:


A statement piece is an object that adds character to a room and makes it stand out from other spaces in your house. It should be a focal point in the room It can be a striking color or unique design, but it can also simply be its size. Statement pieces should be chosen carefully because they will affect how you see your entire living area. The vase should be large enough to make an impact. Large scale statement vases are perfect for entryways, coffee tables, or dining rooms. They can handle a large floral arrangement or bundles of decorative grasses, or branches. Scale is important when choosing statement pieces. They’re best used in spacious environments with high ceilings, but occasionally you can play with scale and add a large piece to a smaller room for dramatic visual impact!



The size and scale of the accent vases are perfect for adding a pop of color to any room and are perfect for bookcases, nightstands, side tables, and bathroom vanities. They are the perfect filler piece - It might be the way that it sits just off-center, or maybe you love how delicate their shape is. Whatever about these vases makes them special for you there are plenty ways to incorporate this style into any room in our home. These accent vases below come in a variety of colors, so you can find one that matches your style. Because of their smaller size, it’s easier to experiment with new shapes and patterns that you may normally feel wary of on a larger scale. They're also versatile - they can be used as both an indoor and outdoor accessory

Unico Vase - Add a little bit of your own personality to the room with this pretty handcrafted vase! This unique-looking piece will dress up any table or shelf, and it's easy to mix and match it for that perfect look.

Cerchio Vase - Sleek, minimalistic design made for a new generation of vase lovers. Give your décor the edge it deserves with this modern addition to any room. Adds the perfect minimalist, yet chic touch to your home!

Argilla Vase - You don't want a piece that's perfect. It is allowing the clay to take its own direction that has led to some of my most wonderful pieces by letting slumped and misshapen vases transform into a work of beauty.


Vintage designs and materials can be used in modern day decorating, they make for unique pieces that will never go out-of-style! These unique vases are either hand-made by independent artisans, or antique and one of a kind. These feel extra special because they have a unique story attached to them, whether they were handmade in Hawaii or Portland, or sourced from France, Asia, Mexico, Turkey and beyond, they are great conversation starters and will make an excellent addition to anyone’s collection. This vase should have a shape that is not common. Antique vases can range in price from very affordable to investment, but they’re meant to be treasured and hopefully passed down to future generations.


Photo by @_jose_vazquez_

Vases by: @interior_by_birk

Styling your vases with faux stems is the perfect way to keep your design looking refreshed for months with low maintenance. Here are few tips to style your faux stems beautifully while achieving a realistic look…

    1. Use pliable stems that you can work with, bend, manipulate, contort or yes, even cut.
    2. Bend each stem at the bottom so that they come out of the vase right where the vase stops and the greenery starts.  
    3. Bench each stem at the bottom a varying heights.
    4. At the middle to top, bend each individual stem in different directions until it looks like a natural/realistic arrangement.
    5. Make sure you have enough stems so that it doesn’t feel sparse or look like you didn’t do enough to complete your arrangement.
    6. Use a small vase (or any vessel) inside your vase to hold your arrangement together better if necessary.
    7. Stand back and take note to see where it needs to be tweaked and fill in the gaps, but sometimes gaps are ok for a more realistic look – you’ll have to determine this on a case by case basis.             


I hope you have had fun looking, dreaming and getting your creative juices flowing the hunt, trust your eye, and find something unique. Enjoy the process and get your unique juices flowing and start creating! 

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