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Luna Bowl Vessel - Belaré Home
Luna Bowl Vessel - Belaré Home
Luna Bowl Vessel - Belaré Home


Luna Bowl Vessel

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Introducing the textured Luna Bowl Vessel - a perfect blend of rustic charm and contemporary style. Crafted from terracotta, this vessel is created using a traditional process of burning it over an open fire. It is then meticulously hand painted in a calming neutrals and finished off with a gas flame, resulting in a truly unique and captivating surface. Pair it with your favorite branches for an eye-catching contrast that will enhance any space.

Enjoy the uniqueness of this item, crafted by hand, with slight variations in appearance, note that as a result of this artisanal process, the product may not be completely watertight.

  • Height: 9.84 in
  • Diameter: 11.42 in
  • Weight: 8.82 lb
  • Material: Terracotta 

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A timeless work of art

Introducing the Luna Bowl Vessel, a harmonious fusion of rustic allure and modern sophistication. Handcrafted from terracotta using traditional methods, this vessel undergoes a meticulous process of open-fire burning and hand painting in serene neutrals, culminating in a surface adorned with captivating texture and character. Enhance any space by pairing it with your preferred branches for a striking contrast. Revel in the inherent uniqueness of this artisanal creation, where slight variations in appearance underscore its handmade charm, while acknowledging its potential lack of complete watertightness due to the artisanal process.

Evoke emotion and purpose

Every item is crafted with care, energy and intention. Reaching far beyond mere decoration, these pieces draw out emotion from their surroundings - each one a unique catalyst for connection with the place we beautifully live in.

As you admire the Luna Bowl Vessel, take note of its versatility and potential to enhance any setting. Whether adorning your dining table as a centerpiece, gracing your mantel with understated elegance, or serving as a striking accent in your living room, this vessel effortlessly elevates the ambiance of any space. Pair it with your favorite branches or botanicals to create a visually stunning display that captures the essence of nature's beauty. Each arrangement becomes a work of art, with the vessel serving as the perfect canvas for your creative expression.

Art is form of expression

Art is a form of expression, and the vase's texture speaks volumes in its ability to imbue any space with neutrality, abstraction, and strength. Its figural elements allude to something much deeper than meets the eye - an invitation for further exploration beyond what we can initially see.

Embrace the inherent uniqueness of this handcrafted masterpiece, where no two vessels are exactly alike. Celebrate the subtle variations in texture and color that add depth and character to each piece, ensuring that yours remains truly one-of-a-kind. Revel in the knowledge that your purchase supports artisanal traditions and sustainable practices, as we uphold a commitment to preserving the integrity of handmade craftsmanship. With the Luna Bowl Vessel, you're not just acquiring a beautiful decor piece; you're investing in artistry and heritage.

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