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Large Thora Vessel - Belaré Home
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Large Thora Vessel

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The exquisite Thora decorative vessel is a tribute to ancient forms with a timeless appeal. Expertly crafted by skilled artisans, this hand-sculpted and highly tactile piece is rooted deep in the traditional craft of Rajasthan. It is constructed from EcoMix, an environment-friendly material that seamlessly merges the designs of the past with a sustainable future. Get ready to elevate your decor with this stunning piece. Please note this is not a waterproof vessel and should be used for decorative purposes only. This piece is available in a large and a medium size.

Made from EcoMix, an environmentally friendly mixture of recycled paper, and natural chalk powder

Size: 15.0” W X 15.0” D X 20.0” H

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unparalleled beauty and timeless elegance

Discover the unparalleled beauty and timeless elegance of the Thora Vessel, a masterpiece that transcends mere decoration to become a statement piece in any home. Handcrafted by the skilled artisans of Rajasthan, this exquisite vessel embodies the spirit of ancient traditions while championing the cause of sustainability through its innovative use of EcoMix. Each curve and texture tells a story of heritage, craftsmanship, and a commitment to the environment, making it not just a piece of decor, but a conversation starter. Whether you're looking to infuse your space with the mystique of ancient art forms or seeking to make a positive impact on the planet, the Thora Vessel offers you the perfect blend of beauty, quality, and sustainability. Available in both large and medium sizes, it is designed to complement any setting, adding a touch of sophistication and history to your decor. Embrace the chance to own a piece of timeless elegance and make the Thora Vessel the newest addition to your collection today.

testament to the intricate craftsmanship

The Thora Vessel stands as a testament to the intricate craftsmanship and the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. This decorative masterpiece is not just an object of beauty, but a celebration of traditional art forms, bringing the ancient world into the modern era with grace and sustainability. The vessel is a product of meticulous hand-sculpting by skilled artisans who have spent years mastering their craft. Their dedication and skill are evident in the tactile quality of the piece, inviting touch and admiration alike.

At the heart of the Thora Vessel's appeal is its construction material - EcoMix. This innovative, eco-friendly material is a blend of recycled paper and natural chalk powder, chosen for its low environmental impact and durability. EcoMix represents a leap towards sustainable artistry, merging the aesthetic sensibilities of ancient design with the urgent need for contemporary environmental consciousness. The result is a piece that is not only visually appealing but also kind to the planet.

evoke a sense of timelessness

The Thora Vessel's design pays homage to the ancient forms that have inspired artisans for centuries. Its silhouette and texture evoke a sense of timelessness, making it a versatile addition to any decor. Whether placed in a modern living room or a more traditionally styled space, the vessel brings a touch of elegance and history.

Available in both large and medium sizes, the Thora Vessel can accommodate various decorative needs. Its presence is commanding yet harmonious, able to stand alone as a centerpiece or complement other decorative elements.

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